Spending quality time together in a great romantic hotel in Greece can lift your relationship to new heights

Many couples visiting Greece can sense the country’s romantic vibes. And this is surely the case for couples staying in a fine romantic hotel in Greece.

Greece is the place where, through the centuries, the ideals of love and erotic passion reached its timeless heights. The place where “Eros“, love, was praised as a god by some of the greatest writers, poets and playwrights in the history of mankind.

And for a great romantic hotel in Greece, like Thalassa, it is absolutely essential that all the right details are in place, so every visiting couple has a select romantic experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

A great romantic hotel in Greece has to be adults-only

It is not easy to have a good, relaxed time with your significant other among demanding children. Of course, raising kids and having a good family is a great priority in most people’s life. But Greece is the ideal place to enjoy the luxury of spending time alone with your partner.

In your romantic vacation to Greece, you want every moment with your partner to be the one to reignite the sparkle in your relationship. After all, Greece has proved to be the best place to do exactly this, time after time.

There is one unbreakable rule for the success of your romantic vacation: Your hotel has to be an adults-only, child-free hotel. And Thalassa is one of the best adults-only hotels in Greece.

For a real romantic hotel, experience counts

In Thalassa we mostly catered for romantic couples year after year, even before becoming one of the first adults-only hotels in Crete and Greece. And year after year we got pretty good in taking out of the way all these little things that could spoil a true romantic experience.

We like to give our best to help couples in love like you to have the time of your life in romantic Greece. We know how invaluable it is to renew your relationship and make this precious bond of yours stronger during your holidays.

This is what we love to do. And this is what we perfectly know how to do.

A great romantic hotel in Greece has to have character

Forget mass tourism and same-size-fits-all. After you pass the door of Thalassa, you are the master of your own romantic holidays.

No two couples are the same. And no romantic experience for you should be the same with anyone else’s.

A great romantic hotel should have its own distinct character, that puts you gently in the forefront. You are the hero of your holidays. The hotel and the place are merely the stage (and what a stage Greece is…).

In Thalassa romantic hotel we take every care to let you enjoy every moment of your vacation to Greece.