Crete is for decades the top destination for couples holidays in Greece

Couples holidays in Greece is a very strong trend in recent years. And for good reason.

Greece is a big country with a vast variety of places and sights from practically all the historical periods of Europe. But by far the best local destination in Greece for holidaying couples is the island of Crete. Why? Let’s find out…

Crete is where couples holidays in Greece started

Being the powerhouse of tourism in Greece, Crete was many decades ago the first place that started to professionally cater to visitors. And up to this day, it is the best organized Greek destination, with the biggest variety of amenities for travelers – even in places where you wouldn’t expect it.

The same is more than true for couples holidays. In fact, this is the place where the trend started in Greece (and please forgive us for “tooting our own horn”, but yes, Thalassa Beach Resort was one of the first couples only hotels in Greece).

Everywhere you go to the island of Crete, you find places of extraordinary beauty, without having to abandon comfort to get close to nature. This is one of the great features that draw millions of visitors every year to the island.

Crete has some of the best historical and archaeological sites in the world

In Greece, we all know the Parthenon and the Acropolis. But nowadays a lot of us also know Knossos and the Minoan Civilization, where all of it started in ancient Greece.

The Minoan Civilization, which flourished in Crete in the Bronze Age, and especially during the period between 4.700 and 3.500 years ago, was the first organized civilization in Europe. Today, the Knossos Palace, which was discovered and excavated by the famous archaeologist Arthur Evans in the beginning of the 20th century, is one of the most impressive and important archaeological sites in the world – and second in Greece only to the Athens Acropolis.

If during your holidays in Greece you want to combine sea and sun with ancient cultures, as most visitors in Greece do, than seeing and experiencing the Knossos Palace is a must.

But Knossos is only the tip of the iceberg. In Crete you can also find the other great Minoan Palace, the Phaestos Palace, visit the magnificent National Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, admire the Chania Venetian Harbor (second only to the harbor in Venice itself), discover the Fortezza Venetian Castle in Rethymno (the biggest Venetian castle out of Italy), and lots more.

Crete has more than enough gorgeous beaches for couples on holidays

If you ask a visitor for the main reason of his/ her visit to Crete, for most people it will be the magnificent beaches of the island.

Boasting some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, Crete has a large and varied portfolio of superb beaches, a top priority for practically all holidaying couples in Greece.

To find the greatest beaches the island has to offer, head to the region of Chania, on the west part of Crete. Chania is by far the primary destination for couples holidays in Crete – and Greece – and its famous beaches is only one of its advantages. As visiting couples confirm year after year, Chania is the place where the advantages of Crete for unforgettable holidays reach their peak.

If you are thinking of coming to Greece with your significant other this summer, keep on top of your list Crete, and especially Chania, the best local destination for authentic, care-free holidays for couples. And to make things even better, book your stay in Chania at Thalassa Beach Resort, one of the top hotels for couples holidays in Greece.