One of the greatest romantic resorts in Greece – Thalassa

Romantic resorts are a natural fit with Greece. Romance is another of the countless “Greek inventions”, like humanism, theatre and the Olympic Games – to name but a few.

Greece was the place where for the first time in history romance and romantic love were considered an indispensable part of the social life of the cultured citizen. Romance was the “glue” that held together the couple in good and, especially, bad times – something that is evident in modern Greeks, too.

So, it came as no surprise that, when tourism in Greece started to grow in the 50s, most of the couples visited the country in order to experience the eternal Greek romantic spirit. Back at that time, the only type of accommodation were simple rooms and apartments. But things have changed dramatically since then: today, there are specialized romantic resorts in Greece, which are the ideal accommodation for couples who want to strengthen their ties and share great experiences together, during their holidays in the birthplace of western civilization.

Greece and romantic resorts have everything a couple needs in their holidays

Greece is a country with thousands of years of history, and every corner of its land has an interesting story to tell. When you see the ancient ruins and you experience the spirit of the ancient Greek civilization, you can tell that romance was, and still is, in the air. It is not a coincidence that so many couples of every age from all over the world choose Greece for their vacations.

As for the accommodation, by far the best place for a couple in love to stay in Greece is a great romantic resort. Accommodation for travellers in Greece has made leaps forward in the last two decades, but even today, the true romantic resorts in Greece are select and few.

The best romantic resorts in Greece have some things in common. These include:

– A great location, ideally on a splendid beach.

– Excellent facilities for couples, like a big pool and a romantic restaurant, offering great view and service.

– Experience in providing impeccable service to couples in their romantic holidays.

Thalassa: one of the greatest romantic resorts in Greece

Thalassa Beach is a resort that sets the standards for the quality of services catering exclusively to couples visiting Greece. This tremendous effort has paid off, as Thalassa is consistently voted as the best couples’ hotel by TUI for the last two years (2012 and 2013).

In brief, Thalassa romantic resort offers:

– A great location, right on the beach of Agia Marina, the most famous beach in Chania, Crete.

– An adults only, child free environment, where couples can cherish every moment together with no distractions.

– A large pool with a beach bar (which also has bar stools inside the pool!)

– The gourmet romantic restaurant “Elaion”, with great elevated view to the Cretan Sea and the famous islet of Thodorou.

– Ouzaki tavern by the beach and the pool – the ideal choice for a light lunch.

– Private romantic dinner on the beach, with all the luxury you should expect from a fine restaurant.

– Thalassa Spa, to pamper you and your significant other.

– Mare Art Gallery, the biggest private art gallery in Crete, showcasing the work of some of the best contemporary artists from all over the world.

– And finally, some of the best romantic packages in Greece, to make your romantic holidays remembered for a lifetime!

From the moment you set foot in Thalassa romantic resort, you will discover that we have essentially made this small piece of land an “island” for couples in love, like you. We have gone to great lengths to make it easy for you to experience some of your best time together, while being in Greece, the land of romance. If you are a couple, this summer is the time to experience Thalassa, one of the greatest romantic resorts in Greece.