In times when the discussion concerning the sustainability of the natural environment and its depleting resources, has been gaining more and more ground as a matter of outmost importance in the political and socio economic sphere, Thalassa Beach Resort has been addressing many facets of these rising issues since the beginning of its operation.

The hotel and its premises were built according to fundamental pillars of sustainability and the protocols of operation did not fall short of that basis either. Needless to say, we are very grateful to have our efforts certified by the recognized certification body Bureau Veritas Certification in accordance with the
International Standard of Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

Blue & Green is the environmental program of Thalassa Beach Resort. A program, as dynamic as the environment: Based on basic rules but always improving, always updating according to new eco standards of hotels’ operation ; it is a protocol of checks and balances that serves as a happy medium between high quality services and practices that favor an eco-sustainable lifestyle.

The core philosophy of Thalassa Beach Resort is to provide its guests with premium quality services, comfort and luxury without compromising our natural habitat and its resources.

In the pages that follow, we are listing a number of policies and in house applicable practices that serve this purpose, as well as interesting suggestions of how you could be a significant contributor to our efforts, during your stay at Thalassa Beach Resort.