Start your day with a nutritious breakfast, choosing from a big variety of goods from our buffet. Light Snacks are served all day – even under your beach umbrella! At “Ouzaki” beach taverna, you can explore the Greek cuisine in a multicolored palette of tasty “mezedes” dishes and drink ouzo or raki next to the sea. When the sun sets, “Elaion” a-la-carte restaurant, opens its doors for a romantic fine-dining experience. Dishes inspired by the traditional Greek cuisine are presented to you in a creative and stylish way. Wines selected from the finest vineyards in Greece will accompany your luscious journey. Dining in Thalassa Beach Resort is a unique gastronomic experience with local tastes and aromas!

Lefteris Mastorakis
Executive Chef

In Thalassa you can have a taste of the real Greek Breakfast




Elaion in Greek means olive oil. Since antiquity, Crete’s and Greece’s history in general is inextricably connected with olive oil. This unfading product has supported Greek civilization from its beginning and continues to do so. In Elaion restaurant we are introducing the modern version of Mediterrenean Coastal cuisine using extra virgin olive oil as our main ingredient.

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When Greeks say “let’s go for Ouzaki!” they invite you for a light lunch that consists of different types of meze dishes, accompanies by Ouzo, the beloved Greek anise-flavored aperitif!
Ouzaki restaurant is the perfect place to have lunch next to the beach enjoy the amazing view to Thodorou island while drinking Ouzo or a cold beer!

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If you ever have dreamed of a romantic dinner of the beach, on a table covered with white linen, decorated with candled, being barefoot with a glass of red wine in your hand and your beloved one next to you, we can make your dream come true!
Our Chef will help you choose your favorite tastes and will create a tailor made menu just for you. We can also arrange for you a violinist or a guitarist to make your private dinner a real theatrical scene!
You can also have a private dinner in the comfort of your room or balcony.