Loutro village: The get-away-from-it-all highlight of couples travel in Greece

Many couples travelling to Greece yearn to find a secluded hideout to unwind, and to get in sync with nature again. If you and your loved one are among them, then Loutro village in the South of Chania region is the place to travel to.

Loutro village and couples travel: A “natural” fit

Loutro village is as close to nature as it gets. By far the best way to access the village is by boat. The alternative is to get there on foot, as the only road to the village is a narrow dirt road. You cannot travel to the village by car.

To get to Loutro, you get the boat from Hora Sfakion, the local capital of the Sfakia region, where Loutro belongs. You can also take the boat from the nearby village of Agia Roumeli, another secluded place, famous for marking the end of the Samaria Gorge crossing.

Loutro stands out as a specialty travel destination, for the couples who want to “unplug” and totally relax in their holidays. It is as close to nature as it gets, and a place unique in Greece. It is no surprise that in recent years it was voted by travelers as the most traditional coastal village in the Mediterranean.

As you would expect from a village like Loutro, here you will not find the range of amenities you will find in Northern Crete and places like Agia Marina. But you can still have all the necessary ingredients to have a good time: The restaurants and the fish taverns are nice, there are mini markets selling all the basics, and there are rooms for rent if you want to spend the night there.

Loutro beach: One of the best beaches in Greece for couples

Many travelers to Crete are surprised to find how pristine and beautiful the beach of Loutro is. Especially for couples who put the time and effort to travel to this secluded village, the magnificent beach by itself could make the trip worthwhile: As access to Loutro is not easy for families with young children, Loutro beach is as easy-going and noise-free as possible.

That said, the water in the beach is a real treat to the senses: Crystal clear, cool and refreshing, the beach of Loutro is among the best beaches in Crete and Greece. An added bonus is that you are far from the crowds you may find in other great beaches of Crete.

Want a more active couples travel? Head for the hills and mountains north of Loutro

Loutro and the Sfakia region in general are some of the most impressive places in Greece for hiking. The rough terrain is torn by numerous gorges, with one of them, the nearby Samaria Gorge being the longest – and arguably the most famous – gorge in Europe.

If you like hiking on the mountain, Loutro will not let you down. There are excellent hiking trails on the hills and the mountains to the north of the village, where you will find yourself surrounded by the magnificent, unique landscape of the area.

Hiking in Loutro village is a wonderful experience. The views to the sea of Sfakia are superb. The ruins of the centuries-old castle above the village are also an excellent place to visit and take pictures.

An important note before starting your hike: The sun and heat of the summer, especially in the south of Crete, is something you should not play with. So, choose a time of day when the sun is low (either early in the morning or late in the afternoon), take care to have good protection from the sun, and definitely use a sunscreen. Don’t let a sunburn be one of the things you will remember from your unforgettable couples travel in Greece.

That said, Loutro village is probably the best place in Crete to get away from it all, especially for busy couples travelling to Greece.