A great luxury romantic resort in Chania, Crete, Thalassa has an impressive variety of daytime romantic activities.

In Thalassa resort in Chania, Crete, you will explore a great variety of romantic activities for couples not only in the night, but also during the daytime.

Thalassa is a couples-only romantic resort in Crete and Chania, so we have carefully selected numerous daytime luxury romantic activities, from relaxing and eating out by the sea and the pool, to wellness and entertainment.

Daytime activities in Thalassa romantic resort in Chania, Crete: by the sea and the pool

The beach of Agia Marina just in front of Thalassa romantic resort is one of the best beaches in West Crete and the Chania area. In order to make the best out of it, we have taken care to provide you with luxury sun deck chairs with mattresses, which are free for all our guests. And if you want to have your coffee or drink on the beach, the waiter is always near to take your order.

If you prefer the big pool of the romantic resort, your luxury sun deck chair is right there, too. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your coffee or drink in the pool, sitting on the stylish in-pool stools of the pool bar: many of our guests say it is one of the best experiences in their romantic holidays in Chania, Crete!

And if you want to have your lunch in style, taste the special “mezedes” dishes with authentic Cretan taste in the romantic resort’s Ouzaki beach tavern. And don’t forget to accompany your dish with the local raki spirit: as every local in Chania will say, raki and the sound of the waves are a perfect fit.

Daytime activities in Thalassa romantic resort in Chania, Crete: wellness and entertainment

Luxury, exclusive activities for two is the norm in Thalassa romantic resort. If you want something more than the wonderful sea of northwest Crete and the big pool, try the outdoor Jacuzzi of the resort, which is free for our guests.

Or better, would you like a luxury spa treatment for two? Thalassa romantic resort is specializing in adults only hospitality in Chania, Crete, and every experience is designed with your romantic moments in mind.

And if you prefer a massage, you can enjoy it indoors or outdoors by the beach. Many of our guests have only good things to say for a relaxing massage by the sound of the waves.

And this is not all: Thalassa romantic resort has arranged for you one of the best programs for daytime entertainment for couples in Chania and Crete – all for free for our guests.

So, you can have a soothing yoga class by the beach. Or a pilates class. And if you want to dive into the Greek culture, why not learn some Greek dances? Or some Greek cooking, which will make your friends back home impressed by your new cooking skills?

At Thalassa luxury romantic resort, one of the best resort hotels in Chania, Crete, we always try and make certain, above all, that your relaxation and well-being as a romantic couple is always catered for.

We believe that your quality time in your romantic vacation is of paramount importance. And we strive to offer you the best romantic resort experience in Chania, Crete year after year.