Adults only travel to Chania, Crete can be very easy and comfortable. Here are the basics for your travel, and some tips…

Adults only travel to Crete and Chania can be a very pleasant experience, if you know the basics. Here you will find useful information for easy travel to the magnificent island of Crete, and the magical city of Chania.

First of all, by far most visitors arrive to Crete and Chania by plane. And adults only travellers are not an exception. There are two airports in Crete, the Heraklion International Airport and the Chania International Airport.

Adults only travel to Chania, Crete – Arriving at Heraklion airport

Heraklion International Airport is the biggest airport in Crete Island. It is located in the suburbs of Heraklion, the capital of Crete. Although it is relatively far from Chania city – about 140 kilometers – many couples who travel adults only prefer to arrive to this airport, in order to explore the eastern part of the island, before getting to the western part and Chania city.

Generally, couples travelling adults only arrive to Heraklion International Airport if they have more time available for their vacation, normally two weeks or more. If you have one week or so for your romantic holidays in Crete, by all means arrive at Chania International Airport (see below). The city and the area of Chania have so many things to see and do, that a week for most people is too little.

Adults only travel to Chania, Crete – Arriving at Chania airport

Chania International Airport (called “Ioannis Daskalogiannis”, after a famous local rebel of the 18th century) is the second airport in Crete island. The airport of Chania is one of the most modern airports in Greece, and many adults only travellers are impressed when they arrive. Characteristic is the fact that in the airport there is a fully equipped medical centre in case of emergencies.

The airport is in a distance of about 14 kilometers from Chania city centre, and you can get there – or to your hotel – by bus or taxi. As there are only a couple or so bus routes per day from the airport, the best thing to do is take the taxi. Taxis in Greece are a common means of transport, and this way, when you travel adults only, you will better enjoy the ride to Chania city or your hotel with your significant other.

If you stay in Thalassa Beach adults only resort, which is by far the best place to stay when travelling adults only, just tell the taxi driver to take you to Thalassa Beach Resort in Agia Marina. All taxi drivers know the hotel.

Some more tips for adults only travel to Crete and Chania: First, if you can, avoid travelling by a chartered plane. Most often than not, they are full of families with children. Prefer the scheduled airlines, instead.

Also, if you can afford it, it is a good idea to travel first class. You will be surprised to find how many offers exist for first class travellers. And as you travel adults only to Chania, Crete, rest assured that your significant other will notice…

We hope the information and tips we shared with you in this page are useful. We wish you a happy adults-only travel to Crete and Chania!