Forget the ordinary, same-old family hotel. When you arrive at your exclusive couples’ resort, it is your right to enjoy the very best of services and amenities.

For an exclusive resort for couples in Crete and Chania, there are several “must-haves”, which are essential in order to provide high-class accommodation and services.

For us in Thalassa Beach Resort, the most known couples’ resort in Chania, Crete, it is of paramount importance that each and every one of these essentials is carefully catered for. This is why we really “take it personally” regarding your utmost satisfaction during your holidays as a couple in Chania and Crete.

Essentials of an exclusive couples’ resort in Crete and Chania – The outstanding location

Many times the difference between a great and a mediocre resort hotel is its location. And this is most true for resorts for couples that want to live unique, long-remembered experiences in their holidays together.

Thalassa Beach Resort is located right on the most known beach in Chania region and northwest Crete: the beach of Agia Marina, a long, 2,5 kilometers sandy beach famous in its own right.

Apart from the great beach, very close to the beach – and Thalassa Beach Resort – there is a great variety of cafes, restaurants, shops, and things to do. Agia Marina village and beach have possibly the best and most varied facilities and amenities for visiting couples in West Crete and the area of Chania.

Essentials of an exclusive couples’ resort in Crete and Chania – The impressive array of amenities

A fine resort for couples has to provide a variety of high-class amenities. Our philosophy in Thalassa Beach Resort is that every couple vacationing in Chania and Crete has the right to experience the highest level of service.

So, in Thalassa Beach couples’ resort you can have the best regarding your wellness: From the free outdoor Jacuzzi, to our exclusive “Spa for Two” experience. And if you prefer a nice, relaxing massage, you can have it on the beach, one of the best beaches in Chania and Crete.

In our couples’ resort, you can have the best regarding your entertainment, as well. From yoga and pilates classes on the beach, to nights full of Greek music and dance, or nights full of tango, or piano and guitar music. And all of this for free, for our selected couples guests.

And we should not forget one of the most romantic couples’ activities: fine dining. In our resort you can choose between not one, but two restaurants: the well known Eleon restaurant, with its traditional dishes from Crete and Greece, and the Ouzaki beach tavern, with its great variety of Greek and Cretan “mezedes” dishes. And if you want to dine privately on the beach, just ask for it!

The variety and the quality of the amenities and services in a couples’ resort in Crete is of paramount importance for a carefree, unforgettable romantic holiday.

In Thalassa Beach couples’ resort in Chania, Crete, your satisfaction and well-being are the things that count. Here, the quality time you spent relaxing as a couple is our top priority.