An outstanding luxury romantic hotel in Crete, which has become a romantic destination of its own in Chania area: Welcome to the Thalassa experience.

Thalassa Beach, one of the best luxury romantic hotels in Chania and Crete, is full of first-class amenities and proposals for your entertainment.

At the same time, around the romantic hotel, and in the village and the famous beach of Agia Marina, you can find everything you might possibly need for a great vacation in Chania, Crete. Your choices are practically endless.

Things to do in Thalassa romantic hotel – Experience the luxury in Crete and Chania

During your stay at Thalassa hotel, you will never run out of refreshing romantic experiences for you and your significant other.

First of all, you can experience the magical romantic atmosphere of Eleon, the hotel’s a la carte restaurant. Eleon, one of the finest romantic restaurants in Chania and West Crete, gives you ample view to the wonderful sea of Agia Marina and the picturesque islet of Thodorou being lit by the summer moon. And if you want to dine privately on the beach in luxury, the choice is yours.

For a fine wellness experience for two, try the romantic hotel spa. Specialized in treatments for couples, the Thalassa spa experience is for most visitors a long-remembered experience.

And adults only entertainment is everywhere in Thalassa. From a romantic tango night, to a cosy piano night, there will always be something interesting going on in the hotel, after a day full of memories in Chania and Crete.

Things to do around Thalassa romantic hotel – Agia Marina, one of the best places to stay in Chania, Crete

Just around the corner from Thalassa hotel, lays the wonderful Agia Marina beach and village.

The beach in the night, being quiet and calm, even in the midst of summer, is an ideal place to relax as a couple. The romantic beach around the hotel, one of the best in Chania and West Crete, will stimulate your senses.

And if you prefer something different, just head to Ano Agia Marina. Ano Agia Marina, or Upper Agia Marina, is the old traditional quarter of the village. Being built on a hill overlooking the sea, and in a short distance from the beach and the hotel, Ano Agia Marina offers a magnificent, romantic night view of the Chania coast and Thodorou islet, one of the best views in West Crete.

When staying in Thalassa romantic hotel during your luxury vacation in Crete and Chania, the select experiences available to you are so many, that the choice is sometimes difficult.

But this is a good thing, and we strive for it. After all, in Thalassa, one of the finest luxury romantic hotels in Crete and Chania, the accommodation is just the beginning of the experience.