The range of amenities of your adults only resort in Greece is really important

In Greece, adult only resorts are a relatively new trend (and this is true for all the Mediterranean countries in general). To be qualified as adults only, a resort should have certain amenities that cater exclusively to adults only travelers.

In fact, the amenities are equally important to the rooms themselves, as you also spend a lot of your precious vacation time there. A true adults only resort in Greece should have all the amenities to help you make the most of your free time.

Greece adults only resorts must-have amenities – No.1: Large pool

First of all, a necessary amenity is a large swimming pool, with ample space for the hotel residents, and – at least – an adequate number of sun beds and parasols. Ideally, next to the pool there should be a nice pool bar (in Thalassa Beach adults only resort the pool bar is indeed inside the pool).

And if there is also a tavern or snack bar near the pool, this is even better. (In Thalassa, you will find our one-of-a-kind Ouzaki beach tavern, which is very close to both the pool and the sea!)

Greece adults only resorts must-have amenities – No.2: Gourmet restaurant

Other amenities for adults only travelers include a gourmet restaurant with excellent cuisine, drinks and service, to cater for the intimate holiday moments of a couple.

In Thalassa, you can experience the renowned Elaion romantic restaurant, which, apart from top-notch Greek cuisine, serves excellent international dishes, as well. Elaion also has a perfect location, offering uninterrupted elevated view to the famous beach of Agia Marina and to the scenic islet of Thodorou. So, a dinner or lunch in the restaurant is also a treat for the eyes.

Greece adults only resorts must-have amenities – No.3: Spa for Couples

Every quality adults only resort in our days should have a spa with fine pampering treatments for couples. In Greece, like in every other popular holiday destination, the good spas are few, and you have to carefully search for them.

Thalassa Spa is one of the outstanding spas in Greece, offering treatments for men, women and – of course – couples, in a range and quality that will surprise you. What’s more, next to Thalassa spa is a fully-equipped gym.

Thalassa Beach adults only resortBeyond the obvious

These are the necessary amenities of a true adults only resort in Greece. But what makes a great resort stand out, is not only taking care of the necessary, but going the extra mile.

Thalassa has long been a supporter of the arts. And many of its visitors – and returning visitors – are people of the arts. So it comes to no surprise that Thalassa has become one of the very few hotels not only in Greece, but in the whole of the Mediterranean, to have its own private art gallery. Mare Gallery, which opened in 2012 in the premises of Thalassa beach adults only resort, is directed by a professional curator, and is one of the few places in Crete with exclusive exhibitions of modern art.

A true adults only resort in Greece – and in every part of the world – should have all the necessary amenities that best cater to couples’ wants and needs. But the great resorts, the ones that want to “turn hospitality into art”, offer far more than that, as does Thalassa, one of the finest adults only resorts in Greece.