Looking for a honeymoon resort in Greece? Let’s get real…

A real honeymoon resort in Greece should be an expert in catering for couples. Nothing less is enough for a successful and relaxed honeymoon, this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

There are many hotels in Greece that claim to be “honeymoon resorts”. But do they really pass the test of expertise, quality of services and amenities that a specialized honeymoon resort should have? Let’s find out…

Family hotels in Greece cannot be real honeymoon resorts

Most hotels and resorts in Greece are family-oriented. And for good reason: Greece is one of the most family-friendly destinations in the world, and families have traditionally been the majority of visitors to Greece.

But during the last decade, specialty travel and holidays have boomed. And in our days a lot of visitors in Greece are not families, and many of them are couples on their honeymoon. The problem is that most of the hotels in Greece that advertise as honeymoon resorts are still family hotels at heart.

But if you want to really understand the needs of today’s visiting couples, you have to be an expert in catering especially for couples. The couples’ only DNA is at the heart of a real honeymoon resort.

In Thalassa Beach Resort couples hotel, we have gone to great lengths to be able to provide the best services for you, our couples guests. This is one of the reasons we have been awarded the precious title of the best couples’ hotel by TUI for two consecutive years (2012 and 2013).

Great amenities with a romantic twist are essential for a real honeymoon resort in Greece

For your honeymoon holidays to be perfect, a same-size-fits-all resort is not adequate. The range and quality of the amenities offered at your hotel are very important, but of equal importance is that they are geared towards couples wanting to spend romantic time together.

In Thalassa Beach Resort we boast for one of the best romantic restaurants in Chania: The Elaion gourmet restaurant, with breathtaking elevated views to the Agia Marina beach and the – full of legends – Thodorou islet. Elaion, since the very first day it opened its doors to the public, has been the highlight of romantic dining for countless couples visiting Greece on their honeymoon.

Of equal fame is Thalassa Spa, with numerous luxurious treatments – a perfect gift for both you and your spouse during your honeymoon in Greece. With dozens of selected treatments ranging from four hands massage and chakra hot stone massage to ear candling and chocolate bliss, Thalassa Spa is expert in providing the unexpected in deep relaxation and satisfaction. And with our specially designed for couples treatments, you are sure to make your honeymoon in Greece a true spiritual experience.

As our guests point out again and again, Thalassa is a 4-star honeymoon resort with the amenities of a 5-star resort. This is the reason it also won the enviable best 4-star hotel award by TUI.

Far too many hotels in Greece claim to (also) be honeymoon resorts. But real expertise in this area is hard to find. If you want nothing less than a truly unforgettable honeymoon, you should only consider the experts in couples’ holiday experiences. You should only consider Thalassa, a real honeymoon resort in Greece.