Thalassa: One of the best located adults only hotels in Greece

All adults only hotels in Greece would envy the prime location of Thalassa Beach Resort. Located right on the beach of Agia Marina in Chania, one of the best beaches in Crete, it’s hard to imagine a better location for an exclusive hotel.

Regarding the local infrastructure for travelers, it is one of the best in Greece: all adults only visitors in Agia Marina beach and village have everything they need for a great vacation, right in their doorsteps.

Agia Marina beach – the perfect location for an adults only hotel in Greece

Agia Marina beach is a 2,5 kilometers long stretch of sand. Together with the beach of the neighboring Platanias village they form a “mega-beach” of more than 4 kilometers, which is the longest sandy beach in the Chania area.

The beach of Agia Marina is by itself an experience you have to live yourself. The golden sand, the crystal clear water, the pine trees growing right on the sand, all make the beach of Agia Marina one of the best places for an exclusive adults only hotel in Greece.

Opposite the beach of Agia Marina lies one of the landmarks of West Crete, the islet of Agioi Theodoroi, or Thodorou, as it is locallycalled. One of the best views of Thodorou is from the elevated veranda of Elaion restaurant, the gourmet, romantic restaurant of Thalassa adults only hotel.

Thodorou islet has a very long history. In ancient years, the myth surrounding the islet mentions that it used to be an enormous monster. The monster wanted to devour Crete, but when it attacked the island, the gods petrified it to protect Crete. According to the legend, the big circular cave in the west part of the islet was the open mouth of the monster.

The centuries passed, and in the Venetian era a big castle was built on top of the islet, in order to protect the west coast of Crete from pirate raids. The castle was called San Theodoro (St. Theodor), most possibly from the then existing chapel of Agioi Theodoroi (meaning “St. Theodor” in Greek). So, naturally, the islet took its present name from these two local landmarks, to become “Agioi Theodoroi” or “Thodorou”.

Today, the islet still serves a very particular need: in Agia Marina beach, in front of Thodorou, many couples each year vow eternal love to each other.

Agia Marina village – catering for everything that you can’t find in an adults only hotel in Greece

The village of Agia Marina complements the comfort, the great range of amenities, and the services of a good adults only hotel like Thalassa. In the village you can find everything you may need for your holidays – the variety here in certain places even surpasses the one you find in Chania city itself.

Boasting the most popular beach in west Crete, the village of Agia Marina has literally everything: from a large variety of restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars, to super markets and mini markets, pharmacies, bank ATMs and entertainment activities of every kind.

An added bonus of Agia Marina village is that it combines the excellent beaches and the Greek village feeling, with the culture and the charms of Chania city, which lies only 8 kilometers to the east. The frequent and efficient local bus service (called KTEL in Greek) makes getting to Chania city and back a no-brainer.

Thalassa adults only hotel is located right in the center of one of the best places in Greece for couples’ holidays. The renowned Agia Marina beach, together with the charming Agia Marina village, make it hard to not fall in love with them.