A great couples hotel in Greece should promote fine gastronomy

Thalassa couples hotel gives you double the chance to taste the best of the Cretan and Greek cuisine: Elaion Restaurant and Ouzaki Beach Tavern.

The combination of Elaion and Ouzaki makes eating out at Thalassa a tasteful experience, that starts early in the morning…

In the morning: “Slow” Breakfast, full of the Cretan and Mediterranean diet

The breakfast in Thalassa couples hotel is served in the luxurious surroundings of Elaion Restaurant. Here, breakfast is not “fast” but as slow as possible.

Thalassa and our master chef take part in the “Greek Breakfast” initiative, which “gives Greek hotel guests the chance to know the gastronomic wealth of the country and taste at breakfast the innumerable Greek products and dishes which are at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet.” This is especially true for the Cretan diet (see more details at this page of the “Greek Breakfast” initiative)

During breakfast, take your time to see for yourself why the Cretan diet is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, the all-times classic healthy diet for more than 30 centuries…

At noon: Have a lunch full of taste in the cool Ouzaki Beach Tavern

In Greece, good food is of paramount importance for the ones we host. In this tradition, Thalassa couples hotel has Ouzaki Beach Tavern, the cool-by-the-pool place to taste the delightful dishes of Thalassa, without having to leave either the pool, or the beach in front of the hotel.

Ouzaki is the natural meeting place for lunch, after swimming in the large pool of Thalassa. Apart from eating, in Ouzaki you can have your drink – from a beverage or fruit punch to beers, cocktails and spirits – expertly prepared for you by our bartender.

Ouzaki has two things that make it stand out: First, it combines the beach and the pool, making it a breeze to switch from one to the other. Second, it also has a second, very unique, bar from the side of the pool – with the bar stools actually being inside the water – making it one of the coolest places in the Cretan summer for couples to hang out at noon.

At night: Enjoy the high gastronomy and character of Elaion Restaurant

Elaion Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in the Chania area, regarding both its gastronomy and surroundings. At Thalassa couples hotel we put a lot of effort to provide great gastronomic experience to you, and this shows at how popular the fine dishes of Elaion are.

The stunning view that Elaion provides complements the gastronomic experience: Located in a large veranda overlooking Agia Marina beach, Elaion provides ample view to the Mediterranean Sea and the scenic Thodorou islet in the distance.

No matter your taste, we firmly believe that a great couples hotel in Greece should provide you with a top gastronomic experience. This is the reason that Thalassa couples hotel’s Elaion Restaurant and Ouzaki Bach Tavern honour the Greek gastronomy every day, by making it come alive in your plate.