Chania region is the perfect location for a couples resort in Greece

Chania region in Crete, where Thalassa Beach Resort is located, is possibly the best location for a couples resort in Greece.

First of all, Chania city is the most charming small city in Greece, and one of the greatest attractions in the country. Second, and equally important, the Chania region boasts some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. Let’s find out more.

Chania city: A marvelous place, and the ideal location for a couples resort in Greece

Chania city is a gem for the eyes and for the senses. As many visiting couples from all over the world find each year, this is one of the great destinations in Greece – and in the Mediterranean as well.

Chania city was privileged to be one of the prominent harbor cities of the Venetians, at the time when they ruled the seas of the Mediterranean. The Venetians have left a great heritage to the city, which is evident in the Old Venetian Port and Chania Old Town.

The Old Venetian Port of Chania is considered the most important Venetian port after the one in Venice itself, and the most picturesque port in Greece. Its numerous buildings of high historical value include Firkas Fortress, the Old Sea Wall, the Arabian Lighthouse, the Venetian Arsenalis, and Yiali Tzami among others.

Behind the Old Venetian Port lies Chania Old Town. A favourite place of visiting couples for endless romantic walks, the old town is a labyrinth of cobbled streets with most of its scenic buildings dating hundreds of years ago.

In the old town you will find some of the best places in Chania city to eat or drink. There are also many shops selling local products and handicrafts. Olive oil products and leather goods are among the best things to buy.

Agia Marina beach: The best beach close to Chania city for a couples resort.

Just a few kilometres west of Chania city, the great beach of Agia Marina is the biggest stretch of sand close to the city. The beach, together with its neighboring Platanias beach form together a large sandy beach – in fact a collection of sandy beaches – with a total length of no less than 4 kilometers.

For many decades now, every single year countless couples from all over the world are visiting the beaches and the resorts of Agia Marina. And there are two really good reasons to do so

First, these beaches are some of the best in Greece. Full of fine sand, with crystal clear water, and long and varied enough to manage to explore all of them in one stay. This is one of the reason that many visiting couples keep coming year after year to this great place.

Second, the range of amenities you can find very close to the beaches are impressive. Agia Marina is a travelers’ favorite for many years, and the locals know how to cater for visitors. In Agia Marina, and very close to the beach, you can find pretty much everything, from restaurants, taverns and bars, to mini markets and super markets, pharmacies and banks. Apart from the quality of its beaches, the amenities of Agia Marina are ideal for a couples resort in Greece.

Agia Marina beach, with easy access to both Chania city and one of the best beaches in Greece, is the perfect location for a couples resort in Greece. And you could not go wrong by staying in Thalassa Beach Resort, the first couples resort in Agia Marina and one of the best in Greece.