Adults only travel in Greece is back in a grand way

Adults only travel in Greece has a lot to do with the unspoiled Greek beaches. Some of them are sandy, some of them with pebbles, practically all of them with crystal clear water, the Greek beaches are among the top attractions of this big and varied country.

Every savvy couple of adults only travelers to Greece should select a local destination that has a variety of great beaches – one beach only is not enough for Greece. Here are the best destinations in Greece regarding beaches.

Cyclades Islands: A beaches’ highlight for adults only travel in Greece

The Cyclades Islands are one of the main destinations for travelers from all over the world who want to experience the “small island lifestyle”. And they boast some of the best beaches in Greece.

From Santorini – which is well suited to adults only travel – to Mykonos, to Paros, to the other lesser known – but in most cases equally rewarding – small islands, the Cyclades offer a unique holiday experience all over the world. And the great beaches play a large role in it.

The secret for a successful holiday in the Cyclades is to choose your island wisely. The more cosmopolitan ones are livelier, but also busier, especially in July and August. The more secluded ones don’t offer all of the amenities of the cosmopolitan ones, but you can have a good part of a great beach for yourself, and less expensive accommodation.

Halkidiki: A beaches’ destination for adults only travel

Halkidiki in Northern Greece has some of the best beaches in Greece, and some of the most unspoiled ones – especially in Sithonia, the second of the three peninsulas in the region.

Apart from the splendid beaches, cosmopolitan adults only travelers will feel at home here, as access to Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, is pretty easy by car. This makes it convenient to combine the great beaches with an interesting, historic city. Thessaloniki’s Macedonia Airport, the main entry point to the region, is outside the city to the direction of Halkidiki.

As Halkidiki lies in Northern Greece, it is good to remember that the weather here is not as warm as in the southern Aegean Islands – you may encounter rain in the beginning of September.

Crete: The island with the largest variety of great beaches for adults only travelers

In the south edge of Greece, there is an island so big that sometimes makes you forget you are on an island: Crete.

Crete is the biggest of the Greek Islands. It is also the favorite destination of most travelers to Greece. Apart from the great variety of stunning beaches, the island’s history and culture is unique in the world. Crete, among other things, is where the Minoan Civilization flourished, the first organized civilization in Europe.

Crete is a paradise for adults only travel in Greece. The place, the beaches, the people, the culture, they all make a one-of-a-kind combination that promises an authentic travel experience.

Chania region in the West has arguably the best beaches on the island, and some of the best in the Mediterranean. One of them is the famous Agia Marina beach, where Thalassa Beach Adults Only Resort is located.

These are the basics you need to know for the best destinations in Greece regarding beaches. If you are one of the great majority of travelers to Greece, who want to experience a beach culture like no other, it is wise to choose one of these three destinations. And if you want to combine a large variety of stunning, crystal clear beaches, with great culture and renowned hospitality, then it is wise to choose Crete and especially the Chania region in your next adults only travel to Greece.