Welcome to Greece for your adults only holidays! Here are the best places for you to visit…

Adults only holidays and Greece are a natural fit. Since the ancient times, loving couples of every age travelled to Greece – many times in the past in difficult circumstances – in order to feel this special romantic “aura” of this magnificent country.

There are plenty of places in Greece that are perfect for you adults only holidays. The following ones are just a selection of what we think are the best places for romantic holidays in the land of the gods.

Best places for adults only holidays in Greece – Athens

Athens, the greatest classical city of all times, is a magnet for romantic couples. From the lovely strolls in cozy Plaka, to the magnificent everlasting masterpieces in overwhelming Acropolis, Athens is sure to amaze every couple wanting to spend quality time together.

Athens has been called “the prettiest ugly city” and many adults only travelers can identify with that. The city has a very romantic, poetic side and a chaotic, frenetic side at the same time. But, unlike other cities, in Athens the two of them are successfully blended to form one of the most unique city atmospheres in the world.

The capital of Greece is ideal for adults only holidays. You just have to take your time and discover its hidden romantic corners and charming mysteries. The locals will be more than happy to help you do so, so feel free to ask them.

Best places for adults only holidays in Greece – Cythera

Cythera, or Kithira in Greek, is a medium-sized island south of Peloponnese in South Greece. Together with its smaller “brother”, the island of Antikithyra to the south, the two islands lie in the sea between Peloponnese and Crete.

Cythera – along with the big island of Cyprus – are considered the islands of Aphrodite, the ancient goddess of love. Indeed, every summer, many loving couples from Greece and all over the world choose the island as their romantic holidays destination.

Last but not least, apart from a perfect place for adults only holidays, Cythera has some great beaches, which will thrill all beach lovers.

Best places for adults only holidays in Greece – Crete

Crete is the most popular holiday destination in Greece, and one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. The biggest of the Greek Islands, lying at the south of the Aegean Sea, Crete has something precious to offer to every visitor, and this is especially true for visiting couples.

Crete is a paradise for adults only holidays in many ways. In the island you will find magnificent beaches, towns full of history and culture, archaeological sites from the era of the Minoan civilization – the first organized civilization in Europe – and many – many more, all of them making Crete an absolute delight for couples of every age.

The region of Chania, on the westernmost part of the island, is most possibly the best place for adults only holidays in Greece. With its one-of-a-kind, Mediterranean and tropical beaches, and the totally picturesque and romantic Chania town, with its world-class Venetian Harbour and Old Town, the region of Chania is a real treat for the senses.

And the most recommended place for couples to stay in Chania region – and one of the most awarded adults only hotels in Greece – is Thalassa Beach Resort. The combination of a great location like the Chania region, with the top-level accommodation and services offered at Thalassa, will make your adults only holidays in Greece an experience of a lifetime.