Get the best of your honeymoon holidays in Greece, by visiting the captivating villages of Paleochora and Sougia in south Chania.

Greece has more than enough places that are ideal for your honeymoon holidays. And possibly the best of all is the region of Chania in Crete.

An important thing to remember about Chania, which is also true for Crete in general, is that it has two distinct “faces”: the one in the north and the one in the south.

The north face of Chania is by far the most known. Comfortable, organized, and full of culture, north Chania is the ideal place to stay for honeymoon holidays full of character and fine experiences – especially if you stay in one of the finest honeymoon hotels in Greece like Thalassa.

But you should also make some time in your honeymoon to Greece to experience the south face of Chania, where tranquility, raw nature, and even isolation is the norm. Let’s find out more about this particular corner of the magnificent island of Crete…

Paleochora: Honeymoon holidays in the sun – and some of the best beaches in Greece

Paleochora is the most known destination in south Chania. It successfully combines the Cretan village feeling with enough comfort and amenities for even the discerning traveler.

The village is a perfect place to unwind, without feeling isolated at the same time. In the summer, you have to experience the unique Mediterranean feeling of the big square of the village, which fills with the chairs and tables of all the taverns, cafes and bars in the area, making it one of the friendliest, coziest places in Crete.

You can get to Paleochora easily with the frequent bus service from Chania city. If you visit Crete in the high season, it is better to avoid getting there on weekends, as the place may get crowded by the locals who go there from Chania city.

Paleochora is a great place to go during your honeymoon holidays in Greece for its beaches , also. There are plenty of beaches for all tastes, in the village or in a short distance from it. Many travelers to Crete visit Paleochora again and again, especially because of its splendid beaches (which every local can tell you where to find them – just ask!).

Sougia: Your get-away-from-it-all highlight of your honeymoon holidays in Greece

Sougia, another known destination in south Chania, is different from Paleochora in many ways. A sleepy village, and rarely crowded, Sougia is the ideal place for you, if you seek some moments of isolation in your honeymoon to Greece.

Sougia is more difficult to access than Paleochora, but you can still go there by the bus service form Chania city. The whole village is surrounded with lush vegetation, characteristic of this part of Crete.

If you want to experience some of the best beaches in Greece in your honeymoon holidays, Sougia will (also) not let you down. The long beach just in front of the village is a treat for the eyes and the senses, with its small pebbles and crystal clear water. What’s more, you can keep a good part of this splendid beach for just you and your loved one, as it is never crowded.

When staying in Thalassa Beach Resort, it is a good idea to complement the comfort, the service and the amenities of one of the best honeymoon hotels in Greece with the unique atmosphere of south Chania.

The known villages of Paleochora and Sougia in south Chania, boasting some of the best beaches in Crete, are among the best places for an excursion while on your honeymoon holidays in Greece.