Apokoronas, Chania, and its picturesque traditional villages are a unique travel experience during your luxury romantic holidays in Crete

Apokoronas Peninsula, which lies at the northeast of the region of Chania, is a perfect place for a short trip during your romantic holidays in Crete. The magnificent nature and the traditional architecture make together the real luxury of Apokoronas, a place as unique as its splendid location.

Apokoronas, some decades ago, used to be a relatively unknown location, with most of the locals being occupied in agriculture – up to this day, the olive oil, the wine and the raki spirit of the area are some of the best in Crete. But after the coming of rural tourism and ecotourism in Chania, Apokoronas became a destination of its own, and today is one of the best locations in Crete for romantic holidays – be it luxury or not.

The location and natural surroundings of Apokoronas: the ideal setting for your romantic holidays in Chania, Crete

The first thing that makes a lasting impression to every holiday-maker in Apokoronas is its great location. Between the sky-high White Mountains of Crete (or “Lefka Ori” in Greek) and the stunning sea of the north Chania coast, with ample view to the magnificent Souda Bay, Apokoronas is one of the rare places where breathtaking view is the norm.

Apart from the location and the view, the peninsula is one of the greenest areas in Chania and Crete. The green surroundings, the unique vegetation and the cool weather – even in the middle of the summer – will make the difference in your luxury romantic holidays.

The coastal part of Apokoronas peninsula is generally rugged and elevated, providing great view. The closest excellent beach is in Almyrida on the north. And if you want to experience something different in your romantic holidays in Chania, just visit the nearby Kournas Lake to the southeast of the peninsula, the only sweet water lake in Crete.

The magnificent villages of Apokoronas: an essential stop in your luxury romantic holidays in Crete and Chania

The beauty and the traditional architecture of the villages of Apokoronas are a magnet to romantic holiday-makers in Crete from all over the world. The villages of Apokoronas are an excellent idea for a short trip to the mountain, just 25 kilometres southeast of Chania city.

Probably the most known village in Apokoronas is Vamos, its capital. Vamos is the local centre of ecotourism, where plenty of old houses have been renovated and now function as traditional lodgings, taverns or shops. Vamos is for many people an idyllic place, ideal to visit in your romantic holidays in Crete.

Another very romantic place to visit is the village of Douliana. Douliana is a small village that the unsuspecting visitor may bypass, but it is a real centre for traditional Cretan architecture. It is worth exploring the narrow lanes and small squares of the village one by one. In Douliana you can also find a very good traditional tavern.

Other interesting villages to visit in Apokoronas during your luxury romantic holidays in Crete and Chania, are Vrisses, with its traditional square and a cool climate all year round, Gavalohori, with a rich history disproportionate to its small size, and the coastal village of Plaka, which provides superb views to Souda Bay.

Apokoronas in Chania, with its more than 70 villages await you during your romantic holidays in Crete. Take some time to wander around its mountainous roads, getting indolently from village to village.

No matter the particular season you visit Chania, the magnificent atmosphere and scenery of the peninsula of Apokoronas will rejuvenate you relationship during your luxury romantic holidays in Crete.