West Crete and Chania is the perfect setting for your next adults only holidays

West Crete is a place literally made for adults only holidays. All over the region of Chania there are magnificent romantic places, which are at your disposal to renew your loving relationship in the best way possible.

Adults only holidays in West Crete and Chania is the best way to experience the best the island of Crete has to offer. This is the reason that Chania region is one of the most popular destinations for couples in the Mediterranean.

Adults only holidays in West Crete – Chania city

Chania city is arguably the most romantic city in Crete – and for many people in Greece itself. The atmosphere of the Old Town, the charm of the Venetian Harbour, the combination of the old and the new, all make Chania city the ideal location for adults only holidays in Crete.

Apart from the known neighbourhoods on the coast, Chania city has a lot of hidden places, true gems of a city that has been largely influenced by every major civilization in the East Mediterranean Sea.

Near the Venetian Port, and walking to the west, you can find the Koum Kapi area. The relaxed, romantic atmosphere at the cafes and the small restaurants here is impressive. Koum Kapi is an essential stop in your adults only holiday in Chania, Crete.

In Koum Kapi you will find many locals as well. After all, this is what you want in your holidays: to see the authentic places where the locals go. You want to feel the beating heart of the Chania city of today.

Adults only holidays in West Crete – Chania south coast

The region of Chania has some of the best beaches in Crete. The most secluded of them are to be found in the south coast of Chania.

Apart from the beaches, another thing that makes Chania south coast the perfect setting for your adults only holidays, is the magical atmosphere of the small coastal villages, some of which have become popular destinations on their own.

When staying in Thalassa Beach adults only resort, you will find it easy to explore the best the south coast of Chania has to offer during your holidays. From Agia Marina, where Thalassa Beach is located, you can easily get to the Tavronitis junction, where you take the main road that leads to Paleochora, the most known destination in south Chania and southwest Crete in general.

The best way to explore Chania region during your adults only holidays in Crete is by renting a car. However, the public bus network (called KTEL in Greek) of Crete is excellent, and you can use the frequent bus routes to get to literally every part of Chania region, if you don’t like driving during your holiday.

You will have a long list of spectacular and romantic things to see and do during your adults only holidays in West Crete and Chania. In this article we have just skimmed the surface of what there is to experience.

In the articles that follow we will guide you step by step to all the wonderful things and sights the region of Chania has to offer to romantic couples, like you. Read on, and make your adults only holiday in West Crete an experience you will forever remember with joy.