A great couples’ hotel in Chania, Crete, like Thalassa, has to be in an excellent, prime location

The prime location is a must-have for an exclusive couples’ hotel in Crete. The island, and especially the region of Chania, is one of the most picturesque parts of Greece, with spots of amazing natural beauty.

What’s more, in Chania region there are some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. And the best spot for a great hotel for couples in Crete can only be on nothing less than a famous beach.

Agia Marina beach – the perfect location for an outstanding couples’ hotel in Chania, Crete

Agia Marina beach is the most known beach in the area of Chania. It is a long, 2,5 kilometers long stretch of sand, which, together with the adjacent beach of Platanias, makes a vast, 4 kilometers long beach which is, by any means, excellent.

Thalassa Beach couples’ hotel is located right on Agia Marina beach, about just 8 kilometers west of Chania city in northwest Crete. The particular spot of the hotel is one of the best in the area, as you will find out yourself.

Agia Marina is a magical place for a couples’ hotel in Crete and Chania. The golden sand, the crystal clear water, the authentic Mediterranean beach feeling, the numerous trees all around the beach, altogether make a unique place like no other.

Agia Marina Beach is one of the best places in Chania and Crete for couples’ holidays, as very close to the hotel and the beach you can find everything you could possibly want and need in your holidays. Excellent taverns and restaurants with local and international food and seafood, plenty of cafes and bars, every kind of shop, banks, etc. are all present on or very close to the beach.

And if you want more active holidays, when travelling as a couple in Crete, in Agia Marina beach you can practice literally any summer sport, from beach volley to windsurfing and jet-skiing. The choice is yours.

Thodorou islet: Discover the charming “secret” of Agia Marina from your balcony at a great couples’ hotel in Crete and Chania

Off the coast of Agia Marina, and clearly visible from the beach, lies the characteristic islet of Agioi Theodoroi, or Thodorou. The islet with the oblong shape was one of the best strategic locations in the area for centuries.

It’s not easy to miss Thodorou, one of the landmarks of Chania, Crete. You can admire the islet from your veranda, the beach, or the pool of Thalassa Beach couples hotel.

During the time of the Venetian rule in Crete, a big castle was on top of Thodorou, called San Theodoro. On the islet there was also the St. Theodoroi (St Theodor) chapel. So it’s not a surprise that the islet took its name after them.

Today, none of these monuments is still present. But during the last decades, Thodorou islet has become full of life again: a protected population of Kri-Kri, the rare wild goats of Crete, lives here peacefully, out of human intervention.

Agia Marina Beach and Thodorou islet make the perfect setting for an outstanding beach hotel for couples in Crete and Chania. And the excellent range of facilities and amenities of Agia Marina village, where you can find almost anything you can find in Chania city itself, make things really easy for relaxed, carefree holidays.

This summer, it’s time to spoil yourself and enjoy your holidays in a fantastic location in Chania. This summer, it’s time to experience Thalassa Beach Resort, one of the best hotels for couples in Crete.