A honeymoon travel getaway in South Chania: Sougia, a Cretan village full of character

South Chania offers a very different honeymoon experience during your travel in Crete. Apart from Paleochora, the most known destination in South Chania, a great place to visit, especially for honeymoon travellers, is Sougia village.

Sougia is full of something that is very difficult to find, even in Chania and Crete during your honeymoon travel: the atmosphere of true relaxation, the “everyday luxury” to be spoiled by nature itself.

Sougia village – a great, authentic place to travel during your honeymoon holidays in Crete

Sougia is a small village in South Crete located to the east of Paleochora. Sougia is ideal for a short excursion during your honeymoon travel in Chania, if what you need is tranquillity and seclusion as a couple.

Sougia is rarely crowded. This has to do with its distance (about 70 kilometres) from Chania city and the absence of a wide road, like the one leading from Chania city to Paleochora.

Many of the visitors in Sougia are people who return to the place year after year. Some of them have got to know the place during their honeymoon travel in Crete.

The natural surroundings of Sougia are fantastic. There is rich vegetation with unique flora and fauna, and numerous picturesque gorges in the area – the most known of which is Agia Irini Gorge.

The mangificent nature makes for numerous walking paths all around Sougia, many of which offer breathtaking view to the village and the sea. If you have the time in your honeymoon travel, try walking in one of these beautiful walking paths, some of the best paths all over Chania and Crete.

Sougia beach – a marvellous beach in South Crete made for honeymoon travellers

A favourite beach among honeymoon travellers in Chania and Crete, the beach of Sougia is as natural as it gets. With a length of more than 1,5 kilometres, this splendid beach has small pebbles and crystal clear water.

The central part of the beach lies in front of the village, and is more organized, with some sun beds and parasols. There you will also find the very good local beach taverns, cafes and bars.

Due to the low number of visitors and the great length of the beach, you can easily find a quiet and isolated place for you and your loved one, something that is normally a luxury for most honeymoon travellers in other parts of Crete. Keep in mind that the east edge of the long beach is a favourite among nudists – which means that it is both very secluded and very clean.

Sougia is a village with that special atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed right from the start. If we add the marvellous beach and the fine taverns, cafes and bars of the village, Sougia is a unique, select place to visit during your honeymoon travel in Crete and Chania.