Thalassa Beach Resort Chania
Luxury Beach Hotel Crete

Welcome to Thalassa Beach Resort Chania, one of the most ethereal Crete hotels

'Thalassa' denotes 'sea' in Greek and originates from a time when all elements - earth, air, water and fire - were personified by gods, goddesses and deities. It is Thalassa, the Greek personification of the Mediterranean Sea, who has inspired us in the naming of our hotel Crete is proud of!

Daughter of Aether and Hemera and wife of Pontus, her male counterpart, she is the mother of Aphrodite and of the nine Telchines, the fish children. Thalassa was a primordial sea goddess; the creator of all sea life, whose form was purely elemental, the body of the sea itself.

Ideally situated on one of the most enchanting sandy beaches, where the golden sun plunges into the endless turquoise blue waters, Thalassa Beach hotel Crete feels like another creation of the sea goddess! It is obvious that out of all hotels Chania offers, even out of all Crete hotels, no other can boast a name so divine!

Upon visiting Thalassa Beach Resort Chania, you should not pass up the opportunity to take in a bit of history as well. Taking a stroll down the old town and visiting the Venetian fortifications, the arsenals, the 18thc cathedrals, the Etz Hayyim Synagogue, the Turkish quarters and Jewish districts, would be like taking a tour through history itself.

Half kilometre away from the hotel Platanias village offer such a wide range of amenities and provides ample opportunities for activities to suit all tastes. When you want a walk out of the hotel Platanias promises unforgettable fun on your night-outs.

Thalassa Beach hotel Chania is one of the few Crete hotels to whether it be indulging in a dip in the crystal clear waters, experiencing a once in a lifetime trek through the unspoilt Samaria gorge or just delighting in the spectacular views of the White Mountains, Thalassa hotel Chania, one of the most magnificent hotels Crete Greece, will not disappoint you!

Thalassa Beach Resort Chania is one of the most stylish hotels Crete Greece offers.
It is a classy world of comfort and luxury with friendly people generously awaiting you to fill your holiday with precious moments. There is no need to look for more hotels Chania. Reserve today your experience at Thalassa Beach Resort Chania, one of the most extraordinary hotels Chania prides of and make all this a dream come true!